Wednesday 4th May


Wednesday 4th May

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» Life Begins At 70

Ruby Grimshaw invites TV cameras into her home

I had thought that the first public use of my beautiful new loft space would be a yoga or meditation class with a few friends, but it was much more exciting than that. It was filmed!

I had offered to be interviewed by Lynn Ruth Miller, a rather crazy elderly (even older than me) lady comedian. She was from San Francisco. Naturally. Where else could she be from? Normal ladies in their seventies might join health clubs or even try golf or gentle jogging, but a stand up comedian? I’d rather join the street cleaners in Brighton town centre on a
Sunday morning.
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» Cityspeak: Life Begins At 70

Ruby Grimshaw discovers many hidden treasures

Last week I joined the Royal Pavilion and Museums Foundation because the small fee seemed worth it for the unlimited free entry to the Royal Pavilion and Preston Manor alone.

I remember the shock I felt when I first read how Brighton had been a whisker away from losing its famous Pavilion. In the early 1930s the Palace was in a terrible state of disrepair with leaking roofs, broken windows and crumbling pillars. At the time, pulling it down seemed the obvious plan and it was only a late objection at a council meeting that gave it a stay of execution. Imagine Brighton today without the Pavilion!

The first event I attended as a member was a private view of the Ragmala Exhibition of Indian paintings at the museum. It took me some time to reach the room on the first floor because I was distracted on the way by the fascinating display of furniture (including Salvador Dali’s Mae West sofa.) I did manage to get past the Egyptian room, but I could not resist the two exhibitions on Brighton’s history. Here I was entranced by a 1900 street organ which had a repertoire of 10 tunes including ‘Rockin’ through the Rye’ and ‘Tesoro Mio’, and the green Goldstone Turnstile from 1997. (Brighton & Hove Albion won their last match there 1-0 against Doncaster Rovers.)

“I found myself looking at Fatboy Slim’s Hawaiian shirt”

When I reached the next floor I was about to enter the Ragmala Exhibition when I saw an exciting room opposite called Performance Body. Here were the most amazing puppets and marionettes from around the world: West Africa , Vietnam, Burma and India. Videos showed how these beautiful figures were made and the exciting performances they created. From here I somehow slid into the Fashion and Style room and found myself looking at Fatboy Slim’s Hawaiian shirt, along with silk brocade breeches and frock coat made for a boy of five-years-old in 1743.

I was quite tired by the time I finally reached the Ragamala exhibition and I was grateful to stand near a knowledgeable lady and ear wig her explanation of the paintings to a friend. I did not have the concentration to visit the exhibition of the outrageous caricatures of the corpulent, high spending George IVth. A treat for another day. I did not realise what a treasure trove the museum is.

» Cityspeak: Life Begins At 70

Ruby Grimshaw wrestles with Indian red tape

In February 2012 I am taking part in a sponsored Indian Horse Riding Challenge for Brooke Hospital For Animals. I can’t call it ‘a ride of a lifetime’ as this will be my fifth sponsored ride. I had thought that the challenge referred to riding horses for up to five hours a day for six days through hot dusty villages, camping (yuck) at night and ‘sleeping under a blanket of stars’.(This is not, I have now learnt, as comfortable let alone romantic as it sounds.)
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» Cityspeak: Life Begins At 70

Ruby Grimshaw spends some time in weirdville

On our way back from our week in Bridport in August we drove through Poundbury, the pioneering urban extension to Dorchester, built on land belonging to the Duchy of Cornwall and based on Prince Charles’s principals of urban development. We thought it would be interesting to spend more time there, so L and I returned to Poundbury for a few days.
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» Brighton Lights 31

Our new programme for sees Juice FM presenter Guy Lloyd investigate all manner of things. He starts off with chart-topping band The Hoosiers who were mega-successful a couple of years ago, were dropped by their major label and have become fashionably independent. Their chart-topping album cost £1 million to record, their new album £100 and we reckon it's just as good. We have exclusive footage of this new record. Guy does crazy-golfing with them, checks out their sound-check and witnesses the fans' adoration of the band at Audio in Brighton. In future shows Guy will be doing waxing, Dot Cotton, air guitar and needs your suggestions for more crazy things (or people) to do. Send to

» Artists Open Houses

AOH Special: It’s Festival time in Brighton & Hove, which means the Artists Open Houses have opened their doors for another year! Maps of all the trails can be picked up across the city. We love nothing better than browsing and buying arts and crafts, and there is so much going on throughout May that we’ve made it easier by bringing the Artists Open Houses to you! We have 11 special programmes, featuring artists in their own houses. So here’s your chance to go ‘through the keyhole’ so to speak as we visit the artists in their own environment.

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