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» Hey, dimples: anti-cellulite products

Beauty, Health, Wave: March 30th, 2010

Unwanted cellulite? Latest 7 puts the best lotions for shifting orange peel to the test

Estee Lauder body performance slim shape advanced visible contouring system £30.50 available from Boots, Debenhams and
This is easily applied without the need to massage into the skin, drying?quickly and leaving no greasy or sticky residue. It has a minty smell,which goes as soon as it’s dry, leaving the skin with a cool, tingling sensation. My skin feels?smoother and I can see an improvement in its appearance. The only downside is you can’t see how much product is left in the bottle.?

DOVE Spa De-Dimple intensive cellulite minimiser £49 available from
A two-week treatment, perfect for pre-holiday. You don’t need to worry if you’re using too little or too much as there are 14 small bottles. This also means you won’t skip a day with being ‘too tired’ as an excuse. Teamed with the effort of drinking more water, skin definitely had a healthier glow and smoothness – both to look at and to the touch.

Elemis Cellutox Active body concentrate £30 available from
I have only ever tried the Elemes facial products before this. I love their fragrance and texture,and this is very similar.?It feels quite greasy but does absorb evenly. I don’t feel there has been a reduction on the cellulite areas, but my skin feels a lot smoother and radiant. I would recommend this product as more of a massage oil; you only need a small amount, so it’s good value for money, and comes in an elegant bottle.

Paul Penders body firming cellulite serum £32.25 available from www.thenaturalskincare
A gorgeous rich lotion from the Malaysian rainforest, with herb and cocoa bean shell extract. This had a lovely scent – light and herbal with a hint of sweetness.The pleasant green lotion felt lovely and smooth when massaged onto the skin, leaving it immediately softer and smooth. The whole area felt toned and I have high hopes of good long-term results.

Laidbare Naturoceuticals ‘butter me up’ organic shea body butter £15, available from
With no complicated instructions it was just left to me to slather this waxy luxury on. Feeling substantial to grab, it didn’t run and needed working in a bit. The benefits of the shea butter combined with the massage left my skin feeling soft, smoother, and smelling lush.

Shift the orange peel:anti-cellulite products are just the start in treating/preventing cellulite.

Along with daily product use:
• Drink plenty of water
• Eat a low-sugar diet
• Cut down on alcohol and cigarettes
• Exercise regularly
• Use a body brush and exfoliate

» Got to dance: Nia Fiesta

Health, Wave: March 30th, 2010

Dance your way to greater health and fitness with the Nia Holistic Fitness Programme

Helen Terry, International Nia Black Belt Master Trainer, leads the first ever Nia Fiesta and Dance Party on Saturday 10 April at Hove Town Hall. Featuring a set from DJ Hami, legendary founder of Transglobal Underground, the night is rooted in the sensations of pleasure, fun and individuality.
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» CNM: Dear Jacquie

Health, Wave: March 30th, 2010

Your health queries answered with Jacquie Lane from the College of Naturopathic Medicine

“I’m 50 years old and facing the dreaded menopause. Is HRT the only solution to the problems that may follow?”
SB, Brighton Marina

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» Review: Rory Bremner

Reviews: March 30th, 2010

There is much to despise and condemn about those whom we elect to govern us. Evidence of corruption, incompetence, venality and self-interest are exposed on a daily basis. Perhaps we do have cause to be grateful to our politicians, though, for the rich and fertile seam of comic material they unwittingly provide.
Few comedians have mined that seam so assiduously or successfully as Rory Bremner, whose Election Battlebus Tour 2010 kicked off in Hove. The sold-out show, divided into stand-up followed by a Question Time-style debate, displayed the full range of Rory’s talents as both peerless impersonator and lethal satirist.

The hilarious and pitch-perfect take-offs of the Labour and Tory old guard (Tony Blair, David Blunkett, William Hague, John Major et al) drew huge laughs and applause from the mostly middle-aged and middle-class audience. Rory’s five-year absence from the touring circuit might have produced the odd wobble or bum note, but his routine was as slick and sharp as you could wish.
He rocketed through his repertoire with a confidence and class that was breath-taking.

Non-political figures such as Les Dawson, Louis Walsh and Graham Norton where tossed casually into the mix. Ironically, Rory’s creaky, non-PC Les jokes got some of the biggest guffaws of the night.

The show’s second half brought Caroline Lucas (Green Party, Brighton Pavilion); Charlotte Vere (Tory Party, Brighton Pavilion); cartoonist, Steve Bell and surprise guest, Geoff Atkinson (Rory’s long-standing producer) to the stage. During the (over-long) interval the audience had the opportunity to jot down any questions they’d like answered.

This part of the evening was less engaging and more scrappy than the earlier gleaming, machine-tooled stand-up. Predictably, the pair of politicians offered platitudes rather than answers (although Ms Lucas acquitted herself well and was a hit with the crowd). Steve Bell and Geoff Atkinson provided the bulk of the humour, aided and abetted by Rory in his role of Paxman-lite.

During the final minutes of the show an elderly member of the audience, Alfie, raised the issue of the closing of the Special Needs School in Ovingdean. He spoke haltingly but passionately, and praised Rory Bremner for his God-given talent, which momentarily left Mr Bremner speechless and blushing (or perhaps that was a trick of the light).

So, a brilliant and highly enjoyable evening. If you weren’t there, do try and catch Rory Bremner at another Battlebus venue. The show should heat up nicely as the election draws closer.
The Old Market 23 March
Gary Mepsted

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