Thursday 28th April


Thursday 28th April

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» Reviews: The Brighton Festival Fringe – The Maydays; Confessions

What sets The Maydays apart from other comedy improv groups is that you can tell it is completely made up, not over rehearsed sickly slick performances with improv shoe-horned in. ‘Confessions’ are provided by the audience just prior to the start of the show. The troupe then perform the secrets in a make-shift confessional and improvise a couple of scenes, either directly imitating the confession or ripping on a theme. Sure, some fail to get going (by no means all) but at least you know it’s honest and you can see them struggle which is endearing. First class improv-comedy.

Komedia Studio, 21 May
Rating: ★★★★☆
Lee Stevens

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» Brighton Lights 31

Our new programme for sees Juice FM presenter Guy Lloyd investigate all manner of things. He starts off with chart-topping band The Hoosiers who were mega-successful a couple of years ago, were dropped by their major label and have become fashionably independent. Their chart-topping album cost £1 million to record, their new album £100 and we reckon it's just as good. We have exclusive footage of this new record. Guy does crazy-golfing with them, checks out their sound-check and witnesses the fans' adoration of the band at Audio in Brighton. In future shows Guy will be doing waxing, Dot Cotton, air guitar and needs your suggestions for more crazy things (or people) to do. Send to

» Artists Open Houses

AOH Special: It’s Festival time in Brighton & Hove, which means the Artists Open Houses have opened their doors for another year! Maps of all the trails can be picked up across the city. We love nothing better than browsing and buying arts and crafts, and there is so much going on throughout May that we’ve made it easier by bringing the Artists Open Houses to you! We have 11 special programmes, featuring artists in their own houses. So here’s your chance to go ‘through the keyhole’ so to speak as we visit the artists in their own environment.

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