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Latest Interiors: Window dressing

Latest Interiors looks at some bright and beautiful ways to get your windows in shape

Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes that primordial urge to fix, tidy, change and brighten up for the new season. Updating your window dressings – blinds, curtains, shutters or voiles – gives any home an instant update. This week, Latest Interiors takes a look through the round window…

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Soft touch
Well-made, lined curtains will exclude light and conserve heat, making them a must-have for any eco-conscious home. And they don’t have to be old-fashioned. Plain, simple panel-style curtains, cut to just over the dimensions of the window, in natural materials and neutral tones, look stylish and pick up the toned-down, back-to-basics trend this season. We’re also loving folk-style prints on plain cotton and calico. Alternatively, make a splash with some colour. Mix monochrome and yellow, or bold geometrics in shades of blue, poppy and damson to take your mind off the weather.

Plain, sheer voile panels (again, fitted to the dimensions of the window) also work well for privacy. Using coloured voile can alter the light and ambience of a room.

Beautiful blinds
Blinds are brilliant for giving a clean, modern look. Roller blinds are simple and versatile. They exclude light effectively (especially if you opt for blackouts), and roll up tight and let the sunshine flood in when not in use. Use beautiful semi-opaque and textured materials for blinds in rooms where some light needs to get through, such as bathrooms. Their neat design makes then ideal for small rooms or modern properties. Venetian (slatted) blinds work well when some privacy is required at all times – plain white or limed (aged white) wood are modern classics.

Made-to-measure blinds The Blind Shop, call 0845 6800645

What’s the alternative?
If light or insulation aren’t a main concern, you could try window films for a really modern finish. Opaque vinyl sheets – which can be plain, or patterned – are cut to fit the size of your window (or just the lower part) and give the appearance of etched glass without the expense (see for inspiration). Easy to fit, they also can be used on front doors (with a door number or house name ‘etched’ into the finish), interior glass, and mirrors. For a more flexible alternative finish check out magnetic blinds, which fix to the window itself (no need for fittings – handy when space is tight). Looking good!

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