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The Rites Of Wolf by Frunt, Bak & Nutz

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Posted: 23 October 08

Frunt, Bak & Nutz is an underground remix and turntable crew from Brighton. Formed following a mis-heard conversation about horse-feed FBN’s breakthru track “The Rites Of Wolf” used diverse existing elements of Howlin’ Wolf and Igor Stravinsky blended into a Big-Beat bonanza with Werewolf movies.

FBN are ( in no particular order ) :
Frunt – grew up in the ( now dis-used ) Kemptown railway tunnel which explains the night-vision and permeating smell of soot.
Bak – once met James B**nt on the South Downs whilst out foraging for berries and wild meats. Apparently he was “OK”.
Nutz – the only Hispanic of the crew. Occasionally gigs hard at the bottom of the river and sticks drummers in samplers.

Their eponymously-titled debut album is in production now and will no doubt be released ( oh yes ).

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