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Misadventure Gary Hughes Remix by Freudstein

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Posted: 07 September 09

Freudstein cast a dark and sinister shadow over electronic music. Bizarre magazine once described them as having "found a new sound, one that combines the atmosphere of classic horror soundtracks with modern electronic music". But this is no B-movie project. This Brighton duo mean serious business.

In the wake of Freudstein's widely acclaimed Mass Market Misery studio album, the UK based electronic act released Dissected and Resurrected, a remix LP. The track 'Misadventure', expertly reworked by Gary Hughes, is taken from it.

Dissected and Resurrected features a surprising wealth, range and depth of remixes carefully hand chosen to present a radically different interpretation of the original songs. The remix roster includes some of the hottest new artists in alternative dance music production. Highlights include trailblazers Swarf and ex-History Of Guns member Gary Hughes, the dark ambient tones of Dissolved, the rave metal attitude of Bombs Of Enduring Freedom/Ewigkeit maestro James Fog, and the free-party techno beats of Autofire. Most importantly, it continues Freudstein's tradition of weaving between styles, resulting in a truly exciting and original musical collection.

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