Wednesday, October 20

Brighton Festival – Play Please

- May 24, 2011

A subtle, innovative and enchanting performance/installation, two angelic dancers drew children into play. Light shapes appeared on the floor and miraculously emitted sounds when little hands were put into them. Three massive screens in the dark theatre space displayed more shapes, words and strange light shadows that swelled; then you realised they were cast, some how, by the children. Later the shadows on-screen were birds tweeting, made by balls on wires, then kaleidoscopes of floor-dancing children. Throughout the kids, sitting on the stage space, were part of the performance. The dancers exuded charming elegant control, fun and clarity of meaning without using words. The children took turns beautifully; this was not a free for all but a studied unfolding of discovery. My four-year-old boy was engaged throughout, although some younger children struggled.

The Old Market, 22 May

Rating: ★★★★☆
Fleur Shorthouse

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