Tuesday, October 26

Brighton Festival Fringe – Pete (the Temp) versus Climate Change Komedia

- May 26, 2011

Using a mix of scathing syntax, rousing rhyme and enlightening facts, poet Pete revealed the ecological debt we are steadily totting up to our planet alongside some savvy solutions too!

From corporate crimes to chuggers, he presented a witty exposé into climate change with astute observations into the ‘scene’ including a sponsoranactivist.org slide-show.

Pithy, pointed reminders of the power of direct action from Marley and Lennon’s apathy-smashing lyrics to a visual reminder of Climate Camp’s Edinburgh siege left a positive, empowering message.

Bigging up people power, yep, Pete (the Temp) is one eco-activist to listen to.
Komedia, 25 May

Rating: ★★★★☆
Monica Perdoni

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