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- December 17, 2014

Why would any guy in his right mind walk out on Marylin Monroe? Well, if you’ve seen ‘Reno’ – a new play by Roy Smiles – now running as the Rialto Theatre’s first-ever production, you’d know the answer. The play is set in an apparently sweltering hotel room in Reno, Nevada during the shooting of ‘The Misfits’ – the film written for Marylin by her playwright husband Arthur Miller. We watch appalled as Marylin, played with real grit by Lauren Varnfield, plunges deeper and deeper into a drug and drink-fuelled morass; whilst Arthur, sympathetically played by Robert Cohen, tries unsuccessfully to save her. See it.

Rialto Theatre, 16 December 2014
Rating: ★★★★½
Ivor Gaber

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