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- April 10, 2017




Andrew Kay looks at beautifully designed and built kitchens from DMB Solutions

With regularity I meet up with James Powell, the man behind DMB Solutions, and it’s always a pleasure to talk to him about where his business is, the current developments they are making and projects that they are working on. Over the years I have made site visits to see what they do and I have always been impressed by the quality of the work and the standard of design ideas that they create.

I am often invited to see projects done on a grand scale, and it’s hardly surprising, after all any company will surely want to show off their best and most exacting work. Over the years DMB Solutions have invited me to see a wide range of the works they have undertaken, from the small scale with tight fixed budgets to the large and luxurious. It has become clear to me that no matter what the scale of the job, they will still invest the same amount of care and attention into delivering the best design solution and build quality possible. That said, DMB do focus on larger restoration, renovation and new build projects and are unlikely to pop round to build a set of shelves or a wardrobe.

Their latest move is to offer a full kitchen design and build service. Until now they have been happy to work with clients and existing kitchen companies, but for some have felt that they could actually incorporate that service using their existing skills and in doing so offer clients a higher standard of kitchen for a far more competitive price. James explains that many of the higher specification materials and appliances can be sourced by them directly from the manufacturers and here excellent savings can be made. It means that DMB Kitchens can make you a bespoke kitchen to the very highest standard as part of their overall design and build service.




Of course, as a serious foodie, I wanted to see exactly what he meant. I love to cook but sadly for me have never had the kitchen of my dreams. Having seen the kitchen in the pictures on this page I now have serious kitchen envy. It was so beautifully thought out and designed. The finishes were not only beautiful but extremely practical and the space – well it was a very large space – but it had been so cleverly utilised that I was hard pressed to find any fault. In the end I merely dismissed their chosen toaster as one that despite being a style icon, I find to be less than easy or efficient. James laughed, I was picking a tiny hole and one that was hardly his decision.

Over a coffee we talked about the design and consultation process. He is very committed to the idea that a good design is one that satisfies the needs and dreams of each individual client. Whilst as a team they are often able to make suggestions that will improve on a customer’s wishes, at the end of the day they want that customer to be happy. He is, though, keen to offer within a budget the best and most innovative solutions that are currently on the market, as I was to see.

The kitchen I saw, whilst being a sleek and minimal masterpiece, was a technological marvel with the majority of the state of the art facilities directly controllable from a smartphone. This included extraction, heating, music and media and a multitude of other modern technologies. James clearly loves to utilise new developments and this was a triumph of new technologies.

Wonderful stuff, but did it work as a kitchen? Well I could see that it clearly did, and a family kitchen too with areas for dining, relaxing and entertaining built into the overall project. It was all I could do to stop myself popping on an apron, raiding the huge refrigerator and preparing dinner.

James and his Company, DMB Solutions, have always impressed me, and the clients that over the years I have met and interviewed have always been equally impressed. He takes pride in his workforce, all of whom are employed full time by the company, and he is proud of the excellent work that they do. The new move into bespoke kitchens is a logical progression for the firm and one that will offer future clients the opportunity to have the kitchen of their dreams built by a company that comes with the very highest reputation.

DMB SOLUTIONS, 48 Borough Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3BG
01273 777 459





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