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Waiting and Dreaming of Leaving. by Teenage Grandad

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Posted: 01 March 13

Peter C Campbel, Scotlands finest funk/soul monster drummer played in the Beach Band with Brightons finest session players slipping a bit of sly Zappa to a million passing tourists..untill one day Punk poet Brent Jackson (aka The Infamous Burnt walked by..they recruited The Mighty G (Snakejuice/ghost) who'd died as a lead guitarist but come back as a bassist..add to this Handsome Dave Piggot lead guitar maestro in a town of players..and you have Teenage Grandad..They beg borrowed and sole their own means of production and started Handmade by zealots recordings/art/words clothes..they are a new phenomenon in Brighty..Described by Taste master Paul Skinz skinner as 'Roxy Music and the clash kicking On Directions heads in'

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