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Dogstar feat. Julia Fitness by The Longing Sky

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Posted: 14 June 13

This is a song about when a group of us used to go out walking all night in the Fairlight nature reserve near Hastings. My dog JoJo was so bad with other dogs he could only be let off there at night where he would be free to go where he wanted. You can hear a sample of him bark at the beginning through a delay effect. Fairlight could have been anywhere on earth at night and you would feel so free from everyday concerns. After crawling our way up the cliffs we would lie breathless looking up at the sky for shooting stars and for satellites moving faintly across the top of the sky, We would make a campfire on the beach (you can just hear someone asking for more firewood at the beginning) then stagger exhausted but exhilarated uphill through the woods at dawn. The dawn felt like it belonged to us alone as we walked back through the fields and empty streets. JoJo and many of those friends have gone now but those times were among the remain sacred in my memory. This is with love for everyone who shared them with me.

As we look up into the dark sky
Something moves, something so high
There’s relay machines up in the atmosphere
But there’s no signal out here
The everyday fades down
Eternity surrounds
In benign indifference
Fire-flies light our way and your still perfect skin
Shines with green luciferin

Night wilderness
Feel how you breathe now we are far away
Day and age just rumours they are
Beneath the summer stars

This is the place where all of the debris
Crashes downhill into the sea
With middle England’s little castles and
The rubble of banality
Within the sink estates
Emerging life stagnates
Learns to round on class and kin
Now my boy, we are free, to go just where we will
Until one more new day begins

Night wilderness
Feel how you breathe now we are far away
At the rock, our names, we will carve
Beneath the summer stars

Night wilderneness

We have to leave
Birds sing another day
This empire of dawn is all ours
Beneath the summer stars

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