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Amsterdam by Black Rooster Black Shag

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Posted: 15 July 13

Black Rooster Black Shag is the joint creation between award winning Canadian-Kiwi songstress/bassist Mirika, and acclaimed British-Australian troubadour/producer JJ Symon. Being described as 'rock'n'roll noir' they have already started drawing such comparisons as 'The Kills meets Jefferson Airplane in a dirty coal mine' (D. Shier, Reverb Radio). Their debut single Amsterdam is a dark, sexually charged ballad with a twist. It features intimate boy/girl vocals which weave through stark accompaniment, only to be drenched in layers of searing guitars, underpinned by melodic bass lines and primal rhythms. The single along with the accompanying film clip, directed and filmed by long time friends Dominic Thomas and Yoann Desmoyers-Davis at Phoenix Films, is available from the 13th July.

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