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The Time of Great Waste by Pete Gioconda

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Posted: 12 December 13

PETE GIOCONDA is a unique, edgy singer, a protest poet with penchant for historical reference. This mix of punk attitude and psychedelic-folk feel teases the audience to take sides ... like a Johnny Rotten (who hasn’t slept in four days) meets Times they are a-changin’-era Dylan and strolls into Cat Power’s bedroom for consolation.

* New single THE TIME OF GREAT WASTE - released Nov 1st, 2013

Learning to See (album) - 14 tracks - released Apr 2011

2011 album “Learning to See” contains songs fused from new wave, pop and folk/rock influences, mingling poetic lyrics with a punk attitude and playful unpretentiousness. Youthful songs of mischief, desire, loss and sadness, plus transcendent perceptions.

Pete has taken the empty culture of materialism and is attempting to untangle it. His song Hey You, Out with Shopping Bags has acquired new meaning in the wake of recent looting. Shadow shopping. The unseen forces which control our perception, which leave us “dreaming of money gods”, form the subject of Wake Up or Be Captured. “In one sense, 1970s punk had it easy,” Pete comments. “All it had to do was attack nice fluffy hippies. It’s much harder now, because mainstream youth culture is filled with aggressive patsies of consumerism. Being aggressive back doesn’t work. I’ve tried. It just makes minds smaller.”

Some people make shopping mall music. Big, calm, blandly elegant. Somewhere to pass the time and feel comfortable. Pete does not make that kind of music. He makes the music of cobblestone streets, winding alleys, shady lanes. Dimly lit bars. The music of cold, still dawns. Of desolate, wild country.

Pete’s poetic style is influenced by the freedom he found hitching and wandering in his 20s, and by his love of classic literature. His aim is to merge story, theatre and poetry with his music and songs. In 2008, Pete performed many Bristol-written songs live on BBC3 TV’s “Upstaged”, as guest of performance artist/musician Badgertrap.

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