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the Sex Shop by The Mice

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Posted: 31 January 14


'The Mice' rose from the ashes of a band called 'Xplode the Myth', which in turn rose from the ashes of 'Devils Advocate', which in turn rose from the ashes of 'Pistachio', which in turn...etc. Anyway, to cut rather a long story short, over the course of the past few years, a number of songs have been written, rehersed, recorded and performed by the same band under different names, with various members staying, while others have left as casually as stepping off a bus.

One day, the surviving members of 'Xplode the Myth' had important busness to discuss, so headed to the one logical place; the local pub. Not keen on the band name, feeling it was a bit avante garde, they spent an hour going through every possible unused name they could think of. The singer was in a sad mood, as this particular day he'd just split from his long term girl friend, so didn't contribute much to the meeting. He just sat there mumbling that one of the reasons they'd split was that she'd complained his flat was full of Mice. 'That's it!' cried the drummer, 'The Mice!' And so the band found it's true name.

They each gave themselves familiar stage names; The singer/bass player was 'Mighty Mouse', the guitarist was 'Micky Mouse' and the drummer was 'Mighty Mouse'. With a set of songs established, 'The Mice' then set upon a series of shows throughout the various ale pits of london, and Brighton, including regular monthly residance at 'the Montague Arms' at New Cross in SE London, an amazing bohemian venue once dubbed in the press as 'the best pub in London'.

As well as knocking out tunes faster than a duke box, 'The Mice' have also worked in the film and Tv industrty as bit part players and extras, including the Ian Dury bio-pic 'Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll' (which alas 'The Mice' don't get much of), as well as appearing in 'Dr Who', 'Ashes to Ashes', 'Clash of the Titans' and 'Robin hood' and various adverts, usually involving beer.

'The Mice' aren't terribly influenced by modern bands, and instead have a retro sound taking inspiration from classic bands like the Beatles, the sex pistols, Roxy Music, the Clash, Madness, and even Phil Spector, combining them together to create their own unique sound. The songs have a catchy sound with punk attitude, including songs like 'Clair' , 'stars across the skies' and 'An Attack on Love.'

They have recently been joined by new member 'Church Mouse' on saxophone, and have made a promotional video for their new song 'The Sex Shop', a raunchy, contraversial tune which can be seen at

With their cheesy collection of songs, these cheeky little pests are preparing to scamp around and take the world (well Brighton) by storm.
The Mice are on the move.

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