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the boy inside the bubble by matthew the oxx

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Posted: 27 February 14

earth among the flowers

there is air between our eyes

there’s a boy on the hill with a bucket 

and a mop meant for the sky

today has been a swollen day

it's given me the shakes 

crazy as i am i love you

a river loves the rain 

had we been on different clouds 

or in another room 

we might have had a longer ride 

but nothing would have moved 

i wrap your hands around my face

they temper my wet eyes 

a storm may be approaching

but i do not fear reprise 

because i know that you are delicate

yet stronger than the glass 

because i know you've been here before

you know how things do pass 

so here we are a floor apart 

it’s a minute and three hours

i feel you in my fingers

it’s like a thousand shining towers

reeds amongst the river 

bare wires when we touch

the boy inside the bubble 

has never loved a woman so much

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