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Said and Done by LongingSky feat INSA241

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Posted: 26 March 14

The first tune I wrote was a Cocteau Twins inspired ethereal thing. I found one day that if I pulled one finger back a fret, the whole think became a lot darker and then came up with the picking pattern played very close to the bridge. I thought it was a bit like Ennio Morricone meets DJ Shadow and always wanted to do a downtempo hip hop thing with it. My friend and old co writer the DnB artist Insa241 visted one day and we began working on this. He sampled my old Epiphone SG through a sansamp and flashback delay and recorded me playing that eerie Ebow sound on guitar, He added beats, sub bass and production the keyboard instruments. I finally threw in some scratching of the bass and snare a particular record to make a new beat on the breakdown sections. It was a trick Id seen another kid called Jamie do when we were just kids and then people like scratch perverts did more famously. So this tune is a union of many of the kinds of music Ive liked since my teens.

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