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You Say by The Speak

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Posted: 15 April 14

Talking about The Speak

The key to all success is to do simple things well. The Speak was founded on this as a philosophy and, building on the tradition of classic, British rock, delivers songs that are the dogs doodahs!

The classic guitar, bass and drums line-up The Speak takes up where the sixties left off. It was a decade that saw the emergence of Hendrix, The Who, The Beatles and was the richest time in British music.

“Everybody in the band has picked up something from all those beautiful people,” says founder Nick Conroy, “but the important thing is that this era is our starting point not our end. We are in no way a tribute band or retro; we are simply standing on a solid platform of the world’s greatest musical heritage. It’s what we do with that heritage that makes us different.”

The Speak produce tight, three-minute songs in the classic tradition – and it’s funny how often that “classic” word comes up with this band – that encapsulate what made the music industry in this country: songwriting.

“If you have 12 different writers and seven different producers – and I’m not naming names here – you get pop pap. Have one man with a vision sit down with a guitar and you get Pinball Wizard. Now, I’m not Pete Townsend but I’ve learned from how he operates and work in the same way,” Nick comments, “and it’s the only way to write a song that has a proper beginning, middle and end.”
(Jeff Clark-Meads - ex editor Billboard)

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