Thursday, November 23

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Humn by Frankie Sling

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Posted: 15 February 15

My family were Arctic explorers who got eaten by their dog pack when food was scarce. Luckily I was taken in by a family of friendly polar bears who took mercy on my and taught me how to survive in the extreme cold without any mods cons. At 16 I decided it was time to to explore the parts of the world that weren't freezing so when I found a passing exploration boat I took on work as a deckhand and made it to England. Without a CV or education so to speak of I lived off begging, foraging and pigeons. By fluke I managed to find £100,000 in a paper bag from a garbage bin and started my own image consultancy business. This has made me a multi-millionaire.
I am currently learning how to play the saxophone.

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