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Tool by MIGHT

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Posted: 08 April 15

MIGHT is a music venture from Brighton (UK).

It’s formed of two core members - Jeb (bass and vocal) and Sound Spinning (guitar, vocal and drums programming). It started around 2008 as a songwriting project in a bedroom. Then it moved into recording/producing their own songs in a DIY format. Consequently started playing live by busking in the streets of Brighton (sort of Rock minstrels) and mounting impromptu gigs in pubs (just turned up and played with no PA). Then MIGHT played many open mics, and finally from around 2012 started to get gig slots as a duo. Occasionally they are joined by a guest drummer to complete a three-piece sound.

More recently (2014) the venture expanded into other areas of music production, including making videos using a camera being handled by an inline skater, as well as mixing/mastering services for other artists.
Influences vary with the weather, Faith No More meets Squeeze or The Clash meets Violent Femmes.

The venture seems to continue to nowhere and everywhere. They have no idea how they got here, or what the next move must be. They take one day at a time, and see what happens.

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