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Sun Moon Stars by Junkyard Choir

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Posted: 23 June 15

Junkyard Choir is a two-piece musical powerhouse from Brighton, England - a stripped-down garage orchestra of guitar and drums, characterised by gritty melodies and commanded by imperious vocals. Mark Woods and Tom Herbert are purveyors of a restless and dirty blues from south of the borderlands - drenched in rum, and served with lime - this is riot music, roadtrip rocknroll: the sounds of the desert and the soul of the swamp, forged from hunger and baptised in sweat.

One half Scottish grit, the other half Caribbean spice; Junkyard Choir is a one-hundred-percent south coast blues-grunge explosion. Established in 2014 - and formerly trading as 'Dos Hermanos Locos' - Junkyard Choir's debut album 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie' was released on 24 April 2015.

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