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Hey Gurl by Gudjohr

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Posted: 12 January 16

Gudjohr was formed as a solo project by Kips Golden (Guitarist in Saint Elmo and Bassist in The Best of British Suicide) in 2012. After recording the singles on ‘J’adore’ and playing around his hometown of Bath, Kips moved to Brighton.

Inspired by the lo-fi/ambient tones of Philadelphia acts Kurt Vile and The War on Drugs, Gudjohr began to blend this sound with the fingerpicking style of more traditional folk artists, such as Nick Drake and John Martyn, and the gentle lilting vocals of Sufjan Stevens. The debut EP ‘Memories Of Once Known’ was recorded, mixed and mastered over the 2012/2013 winter in his bedroom. It was described as "5 tracks of lovely gentle lilting folk" by Brighton Music Blog". After recruiting fellow Saint Elmo guitarist Joe Giddings to create the live ambient tones, Gudjohr began to play shows around the south of England.

The second EP 'In Tandem' was released in August 2013. Recorded at a new house, this collection contained an expanded sound, full of layered guitars, synths and driving drum loops. It was described as "determinedly lo-fi" by Simon Li, while Mudkiss went with psychedelic and progressive, comparing songs to Tame Impala and Pink Floyd. The third EP 'Looks Kinda Lunar' was released on the 19th January 2014 and was described by the NME as 'intelligent, experimental music', comparing it to The Knife and This Heat. The last EP to be released was 'Eliza Glow' (released January 2015) which was a much darker and moodier record. The record creates a tense atmosphere which leads up to the final epic 8 minute song 'To Have And To Hold' mixing elements of psychedlic, shoegaze and electronic genres. A collection of songs recorded over the past 5 years 'Zed Songs Part 1 & 2' is to be released in January 2016.

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