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Posted: 12 March 08

Urban Delights facts:
2 guys, 2 towns, 1000 Sounds , 2 voices, 2 laptops,
1 bass &1guitar.
Harry K. and Malte Hagemeister steer their ship from Brighton to Hamburg, packed with their booty of hipshaking beats, grimy riffs, dirty samples and distinctive vocals. In a unique style they fuse together the best of dance culture and rock music.

A British-German duo formed by the british DJ, producer & MC Harry K. from Brighton/UK and his mate the guitarist and producer Malte Hagemeister from Hamburg/D.

Urban Delights – that’s beats for the rockers, and rock for the clubbers!
Energetic and wild. Music in the terms of mashups: styleclash, dirty samples, fat beats, loud guitars and catchy vocals to party... in short: the best of both worlds!

Urban Delights first single "ROCK'n'ROLL STAR" was released in in G.A.S. via UNIQUE RECORDS and went straight into the TOP20 of the german club charts (DCC).
The guys have also released a remix-vinyl that include mixes of Ursula1000(NY) and Ben Human(UK) and their much acclaimed debut album "REVOLUTION No.1"

the band:
HARRY K. was co-producer, writer and musician (decks, sampler & MC) in the british band Apollo440 during their last two albums ‘Electro Glide in Blue’ und ‘Getting High on your own Supply’. Apollo’s worldwide success-single ‘Heart Goes Boom’ was written by him.
Next to his work as a musician (i.e.with his former band Maximum Roach) he is an active producer, musician and DJ. He has released his solo 12´´publications through Elektrolux, Hydrogen Dukebox and his own label: Mahogany Chopper(via New State)
Harry’s remix-credits include acts like Kool Keith, AsianDubFoundation,A440, Ben Human (Corduroy), PET, Bloodhound Gang, Herbert Groenemeyer and more.
Harry K. is well respected as a DJ for many years, he spins an eclectic party mix of funky Breaks, Beats, Hip Hop, Ragga, Electro & Mash-up’s.

Malte Hagemeister, producer, musician & guitarist, can already look back onto an impressive professional recording and writing career: In the 90ies, he and his Hanoverian band be (“Black Rain”) rocked themselves into the upper league of german rock/pop-bands.
Lastly he went on tour with the german gold-selling-act ‘Fettes Brot’ and has also produced tracks on their new album including their Hit-single “Welthit”.
Malte Hagemeister runs his own Studio & publishing in his hometown Hamburg and has been writing & recording songs for Timo Maas (i.e: “to Get Down”).
He currently wrote the music for the latest AOL TV-campaign and is furthermore omnipresent as a songwriter (e.g. Sugababes).

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