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Posted: 12 March 08

At the heart of Sparker music is a fragile, soulful honesty. Wrapped in the original Sparker sound, these songs are dispatches from the bloody frontline of his emotions. Cellos swell, xylophones ring, acoustic guitars flutter blues riffs, great jazzy feel drumming tease and delight, and always that ominous bass, Sparker’s tour de force, relentlessly chugging away at the groove, daring you not to be swept up and carried along.

He sings of silent cry at night knowing you should be in a dulcet slumber; of spending so much time reliving the moments in life that fashion your identity - the moments when your camouflage was torn & hung threadbare in the starlit gallery; he sings of dreading you won’t outlast your working life still healthy and young.

…of fearing that time got you by the balls long ago…

…matching each beat of his music with every blow from he treadmill.

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