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These Games by Dance Paris Dance

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Posted: 23 March 08

Formed as a three piece in November 2007, Dance Paris Dance determined to turn their individual playing and songwriting abilities, styles and influences into an original rock'n'roll trio looking towards leaving their mark on modern day rock music (or at least Brighton...for now) Alex's catchy psychedelic pop'n'roll songs have laid the foundations for the band to create their own unique sound. Chris's complex and almost epileptic drumming brings flavour to Dance Paris Dance's rhythm section, which is completed by Jason's punchy and catchy bass lines, soulful harmonies and acute sense of melody. In January 2008, the band's line-up was completed with the arrival of Anthony on guitar, completing the sound with his very very quirky and versatile guitar playing. Fully equipped, motivated and ambitious, Dance Paris Dance will not be ignored. WATCH THIS SPACE !

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