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I am the Satellite by Lords Spiritual

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Posted: 14 December 07

After spending 2006 touring the UK and Europe with Domino Records’ Clearlake Jim Briffett formed the band Lords Spiritual. Recruiting Mick Kelly (drums), Alex Hill (bass) and Jason Pegg (guitar) the band first appeared in April 2007 - their debut gig was defined by local DJ Meatbreak as “like shamans conducting a cosmic sonic ritual trance-out.” The Lords, with the assistance of Toby May, recorded their first E.P. at Brighton’s Metway which includes the darkly satirical “I Am The Satellite” and the heartbreakingly honest “Music Makes Me Cry”. The Levellers’ Mark Chadwick described the sounds in the studio that day as “a bit like the Pixies”.

After their second gig Jason Pegg, best known as the Clearlake front-man, left the band in what was possibly the most amicable split in the history of rock’n’roll - Matt Windler has now stepped into his shoes. The band, are recording demos at Mick’s house for an album to be ready for early 2008. Jim Briffett also plays for Clearlake, The Miserable Rich and Conrad Vingoe. Mick Kelly is the drummer of popular Brighton band She Said! as well as playing in numerous other projects. Alex Hill is one half of harmony duo Tulse Luper and is a songwriter whose tunes include the underground classic “Rick Stein”. For those about to rock - Lords Spiritual salute you….

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