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Fly by K.G

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Posted: 09 February 16

"Great songs, original sound, creative music videos." - Semothy Jones (Jessie J, Lily Allen, Professor Green, etc.)

"We're kinda like The Roots, but more guitar-based and with a strong emphasis on pop hooks." - George Wakerley (guitarist)

The initial idea behind K.G was conceived by a Nigerian rapper, originally from Lagos, with only 1 goal in mind: To be the best! Throw in a UK-based, classically-trained guitarist and K.G was born.
Aside from the International flavour, what really sets K.G apart is the rules of K.G:
• No samples of other people's work
• No autotune
• No fake-ness
K.G writes their own music, keeps everything as organic as possible and pushes the boundaries of the Hip-Hop genre: Unique time-signatures, interesting genre-fusions and a live band.

"K.G had a difficult birth. But now we've got the band together, we're all working together as a unit and we're more ready than ever." - George Wakerley (guitarist)
"We got our feet wet in 2015 and learned a lot. Now we can have a full-on assault in 2016 and show everybody what we're all about!" - Gerrald Emeagwali (vocalist)

After getting their feet wet in 2015, K.G are looking to come out swinging in 2016.

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