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Forlorn Hope by Death Cabaret

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Posted: 05 April 08

It's like the sickest party you've ever been to. Think explosive riffs, flawless melodies, a political conscience and more attitude than you can shake a nailed stick at and you come close to what Death Cabaret can deliver. Made up of 2 West-Country men who have been cranking out awe-inspiring riffs together since childhood, a legendary Brightonian drummer and a stunning yet confrontational South African and you get to understand where the politics come in; this group have something to say and you need to hear it. Like the landscape of the lead singers homeland, the music is beautiful, brutal and uncompromising.

Covering subjects like corruption, crime & cruelty, their message is as fierce as their performance. Comparisons are along the lines of Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, Alexisonfire, Head Automatica and Glassjaw also female-fronted bands like Sonic Boom Six and Walls of Jericho but don't be fooled – Death Cabaret are on a stage of their own.

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