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Are You Ready? by Dylan T Rocks

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Posted: 10 March 16

Dylan T Rocks are a unique blend of part Portuguese, half-time hippy and full time Irishman and all born in the UK.
DTR are:
Martin Abrahams - Lead Singer, Guitarist, Writer, and for the most part, 'Leader' of the group. He is our 'vintage wine' of the group. Having had some early success and popularity with the band Peep Show back in the day, he is also our 'cream of the crop' with which he hones his skills to write killer tunes for us. He's a badass and generally awesome and we struggle to keep him reigned in at times!
Then there's Will Martin aka William Herbert Martin III - Singer, Guitarist, Technical Engineer, Genius, Band Diplomat and generally all round nice guy ;) With a musical upbringing from his parents (both very musical with his Dad being highly involved in the music business 'back in the day') Will hasn't had much choice in being influenced by this and hence, is a MASSIVE lover of music which he puts to great use within the band. He Rocks!
Then there's Chris Mono - the Irishman with a name made for music. He is the skin smasher, and I mean that quite literally. He hits the drums so hard he leaves us with our ears ringing on stage, so there's no chance for our audiences when we all have to turn ourselves up to compensate. He kicks ass!

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