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The Scourge by Lithurgy

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Posted: 07 April 08

Life is a series of ups and downs, a variety of different experiences and moods. Lithurgy stand as firm believers that music should be an expression of this, a notion ignored by many acts within the boundaries of metal music. Lithurgy's music is not easily defined, taking influence from death, thrash and classic metal, progressive, atmospheric and ambient music. Combining technical riffs,odd time signatures and aggressive vocals with melodic leads and clean passages they create music that is as dynamic as it is unconventional. The quintet, consisting of Will - Vocals, Tom - Vocals and Guitars, Gazz - Guitars, Woz - Bass, Guillaume - Drums, are based in Brighton, and have been writing and rehearsing together since late 2004.

Following a succession of line-up changes, Lithurgy began gigging on the local circuit late 2005 and have been rapidly gaining interest with their intriguing set. A series of energetic shows, a play list spot on several internet radio shows, a 2 track demo, and a 3 track EP later the act are now ready to expand their fan base through extensive touring, promotion, and further recording of their ever increasing repertoire. If you strive for a more varied, open-minded approach to metal, check the gig section for their next live show near you. If you would like to contact Lithurgy about anything email to or send a myspace message. If you like what you see/hear please join the mailing list.

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