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Somewhere in Between by Christopher Matthewson

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Posted: 07 August 16

Irish folk-rocker Christopher Matthewson is a 21 year old singer/songwriter who uses his incredible voice to tell stories of observational triumph and woe in the digital age. Christopher uses his impressive guitar skills and song writing prowess to blend acoustic folk with 60’s blues and modern soul to create music in the same vein as Joni Mitchell, George Harrison and Ray LaMontagne. Chris is currently gigging to create a fanbase and buzz along the south coast as he looks to record and perform more and more music inspired as a man writing thoughtful analogue music in a soulless digital age. Christopher is trying, sometimes it feels against the grain, to bring back an earthy soul into music that is written and consumed by the iPod generation. His music harks back to a time when political thoughts were encouraged and life was more than paycheque to paycheque in search of the next consumer good to fill a hole.
** "A truly fine guitar player; an exceptional voice" – Jo Harman (British Blues Awards: Female Vocalist of the year 2014)*

Twitter: @matthewsonmusic

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