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Me by World Secret

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Posted: 11 April 08

World Secret, originally known as the band White Russia from Brighton, UK were formed from main songwriters Perrie Walder (Vocals) and Garry Cox (Keyboards) in 1989, they quickly established a reputation for themselves as a band that could sell out any venue they were invited to play at, with their breathtaking blend of music, theatre, and lighting. In their first year they had signed a record and publishing deal, and had management and agent contracts. Unfortunately in 1991 they split up. Both Perrie and Garry were both gutted that the material never really got the chance it deserved. But when the opportunity arose in 2005 to start recording an album, we both jumped at the chance, currently we are about half way through the recording process, recording the best of the old songs and also recording some new songs, guests on the album so far incude Joanne Arrowsmith. The Album is due for release in 2009

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