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Emotions Suspended in Time (part II) by Sia-Apantha-Cali

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Posted: 14 May 17

Sia-Apantha-Cali (2011-present) is another PJP's solo project.

Emotions Suspended in Time (part II) taken from recorded in 2012 "Theory of Practical Chaos" (not available in shops)

P.J.P. has never attended to music school neither undertaken any musical courses. Never learnt to read notes and has minimial knowledge about harmony and chords structures. He plays any kind music, he feels at given moment. Nothing in particular or Anything in particular.

P.J.P. has started making music in Punk manner, to communicate with others by spreading thoughts and emotions backed by sounds, without paying attention to what actually type or style of music he makes. Althought he's not professional musician, he was making music since 1987, trying to play drums, bass guitar, keyboards and recently guitar. Also to write lyrics and singing them.

In past he was member of few post-punk and cold wave bands, his solo works are non profit projects.

His music incorporates elements of Darkwave, Cold Wave, Gothic Rock, Dark Ambient, Post Rock and Neoclassical.

P.J.P. works are extremely personal statements and sometimes express radical personal political opinions.
You may disagree with some opinions.

His music is designed to make others emotionally conscious and aware of surrounding as all - Reality

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