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Mr Old Skool by Rosko Lewis

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Posted: 04 July 19

As an active emcee in the 90s and 00s (Going by the moniker of Ses and MC Ses), I went from house parties in my hometown Canterbury, to gigging with a live band in London (The Definitive Break Crew), to hip hop night promotions in Brighton (under Def Ethics and Spins & Needles). I was good, but not driven. I enjoyed it, but I was never up for taking it to the next level. Hip hop was my music and my distraction, but not my sole focus.

I have some wicked memories of being on stage with some class acts but in terms of lasting music, I had one or two hastily knocked up tracks from around 2000. And that was it. Not much of a legacy for the years of emceeing.

So now my brain is clearer and material stronger, my rhyme style is elevated and I'm making something in my own image because it feels necessary. A one-off album that I'll quietly float out to sea on iTunes, Spotify, and the rest. A snapshot of my time right now. Something tangible out there with my name on it that'll outlast me.

The album will be called Midlife Nicest and my music is available across all digital platforms.

Midlife Nicest will be complete and out mid 2019.

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