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Thief by DATES

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Posted: 06 May 08

Former PIRANHAS front-man Bob Grover returns to the rock pool with a toe biting new band.

DATES formed in 2005 with a mission to improve the soundtrack to their everyday existence.The line up settled quickly into a four piece band and they set about writing wry and lyrical topsy turvy music that still managed to retain a pop sensibility.

A lively batch of songs developed and DATES threw themselves headlong into gigging, resulting in quotes such as:

’ .....a band and a sound that is the result of squeezing a couple of generations of genius into a small town and combining with a potent cocktail of beer, salt and attitude. Absolutely 100% essence of Brighton.’ GrassRoots

’FIRST PARTY, FIRE AND THEFT’ is the debut release from a band determined to avoid the music business sausage machine.

The 14 track album is stuffed full of high cholesterol songs which are served in a variety of flavours. Dine out on DATES - but don’t tell your personal trainer.

LABEL: HAH! Records
AVAILABLE FROM : www.amazon.co.uk

’Quirky chroniclers of modern day life.... this is a band who do things on their own terms and create a guitar-driven sound that is like no one else. Really funny, twisted lyrics delivered with deadpan elan by former Piranha Bob Grover and Ric "Sympathetic Strings" Blow. ’ BrightonLiveSpace

’An enthusiastic and rapidly expanding following are being nourished on a diet of hard boiled songs with wicked, incisive lyrics backed by music with more depth than you might think while you are jumping around.’ Kath Perry

’...an enjoyably witty collection of quirky tunes about the things that really matter in life: religion, shoplifting, reality Tv, missed opportunity, mobile phones, unconditional love and dodgy neightbours’ Latest 7 Magazine

’Dates set about the pub rock circuit like bulls in china shops....’
’......Scared are the things left un-trampled under hoof.’ The Source

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