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Blue Tears (Radio edit) by Atalanta

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Posted: 16 May 08

Named after a character from Greek mythology (or depending on your point of view, an Italian football team) Atalanta is the down-tempo project of Brighton (UK) based house artist Clive Mead. The combination of Balearic and Latin influences with jazz, funk and lounge grooves, creates a uniquely chilled, but engaging sound.

After completing his first album, Blue Tears, Clive is now translating his studio work to the stage and embarking on a series of live dates with a group of talented and versatile musicians. Re-interpreting his sequenced arrangements and supplementing them with live vocals, guitar, brass and percussion alongside bespoke visuals to produce a live experience that is worlds apart from the “head bobbing behind a laptop” performances provided by many electronic artists.

Two decades of DJ-ing and fifteen years of producing experience (not to mention a degree in music production) have enabled Clive to draw from an unusually large palette of influences. From remixing Legendary bands to the inclusion of one of his tracks on the soundtrack of an “adult” movie (and yes, it did have a wah-wah guitar in it) he has a refreshingly varied musical background.

The freedom of down-tempo grooves has provided a welcome change from the confines of the rigidly structured dancefloor material he's produced up to now and this is reflected in the variety of musical styles touched upon in Blue Tears. From dub to bossa nova and everything in between, all rendered in a suitably laid-back and sophisticated fashion.

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