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Not Just In My Head by Jonny Loves House

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Posted: 28 May 08

About Jonny Loves House......

Jonny Loves House Records is based in Brighton UK. Specialising in creating groove based underground house music. As well as producing music and DJing, Jonny also plays his house music completely live. With over 10 years experience at playing live electronic music Jonny uses hardware such as synths, drum machines, samplers and fx (no computers) to jam live his grooves, giving a truly organic improvised live experience.

March 2003 saw Jonny Loves House put out his first vinyl release, the 'Seasonal Affected Disko EP' (March 2003).
At the time Jonny had been living in Derby and was heavily involved in the local scene putting on parties, DJing and doing his live house set all over town. His first vinyl was well received within the scene gaining support from Digs + Woosh (D.I.Y), Dave Brooks (Mantis) Barry Reeves (Deep Freeze), Da Sunlounge (MYNA Music) as well as the Smokescreen Sound System DJs. The follow up vinyl release was the 'Dreadlocked Summer EP' which was released in July 2003. Again well received within the industry, this time with DJ chart placements as well as a positive review in DJmag.

Moving to Brighton in October 2003 Jonny continued his love of house music and soon hooked up with south coast party people Reform Sound System. DJing and playing live at there club and warehouse parties in Chichester, Bognor and Brighton ever since. October 2004 saw Jonnys third vinyl release, the 'Smokies EP' released, again well received. Since living in Brighton he has put on, DJed and played Live at nightclubs, pubs, house parties, festivals and free parties all over the south coast.

Jonny Loves House became a part of the Brighton based Spanish collective Zapatilla Productions Non-Stop in early 06. He meet them while DJing at one of there squat parties and now regularly DJs and plays Live for them at there parties.

2007 saw Jonny playing a few UK festivals such as Eastern Haze, Green Man and Waveform with Pollen Sound System. Jonny is now also a fully fledged member of there party crew and has since been helping them run and play at there monthly residency at Brighton's Jazz Place.

2008 has been going strong so far, with DJ slots all over town and a Live set at Spain's Rocket Festival all ready under his belt. Plenty more live and DJ gig's are coming up for Jonny at many uk festivals including the Glade and 7th Sun, a 3-day festival in Prague, as well as at clubs across Brighton and the south coast.

The new long player from Jonny Loves House 'Open Windows', is due to be released on Monday 6th October 2008. The first single 'not just In my head', will be released on Friday July 4th 2008.

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