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The Squeeze by Hardkandy

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Posted: 28 May 08

Second to none’ the much anticipated third album from Hardkandy is now ready for release.The 11 track album features guest vocals from some of the most talented soul/blues artists in the uk such as Martin Harley, Laura Vane and Sean Clarke and also musical contributions from ‘FINK’ (Ninja tune) and Si Little (Bonobo,Quantic Soul Orchestra). Hardkandy aka Musician/Producer Tim Bidwell has had a busy year producing many artists including Peggy Sue and the pirates, Jono McCleery, Jessie Banks and Charlot Webster. All this production work has been achieved since the huge success of ‘Tim’s house’ (released in March 07) an album Tim produced for singer songwriter Kate Walsh which went to number 1 in the i-tunes chart across most of the world, and has since been licensed to Mercury records in europe and Verve in the U.S. Tim also runs an indie folk label ‘Folklaw’ with Fin Greenall (Fink). All this and he still found time to write and produce ‘second to none’! The new album is a well crafted journey into soul, blues and funk. Tim says - ‘I wanted to create something that tips a hat to all my influences like 60’s and 70’s soul but also explores the blues elements of these genre. At the root of all my work is a need to create great songs with great melody and it’s something, I feel, I’ve really achieved with this album.’ Also – ‘It was a real joy and honour working with these great artists. It was important for me to collaborate with the right people that could bring a certain sound and feeling to the project.’ Hardkandy have previously released 2 albums with Catskills records. 2002’s critically acclaimed ‘How do you do nothing’ and 2006’s very well received ‘Last to leave’. They feature such artists as Terry Callier, Jess Banks (Chungking) Russ Porter (Limp Twins) and Will Holland (Quantic). As a live band they have graced The Big chill, Shephards Bush Empire, 93Ft East and Cargo. WahWah 45 have just signed 'Second to none' So look out for a single release in April 08, and the album in May 08. We are well happy to be part of the wahwah family!

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