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Curtain by Caramel Jack

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Posted: 19 June 08

Caramel Jack is a pop, folk and experimental group based in Brighton and built around the songwriting and production team of Richard Scott and Joe Doveton. With a floating line up of anything up to 13 associate members, CJ has released several albums, the last of which, 'Songs From Low Story' achieved huge critical acclaim in publications like Q Magazine, Uncut and The Independent.

The new Caramel Jack album, entitled '1900' is scheduled for release on World of Furr Records on the 3rd of March 2008 and features cameos from BJ Cole on pedal steel (who has guested with REM, The Walker Bros, T-Rex...err...Caramel Jack amongst many others), plus fellow Brightonians Ashley Slater (trombone from Freakpower) and Bela Emerson (cello, has worked with Stomp amongst others).

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