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We Must Stop Meeting Like This by VILLAREAL

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Posted: 20 January 08

VILLAREAL are a band from Brighton, U.K. They formed in 2002 and released their first album ‘Spook Frequency’ in 2005. This low-key self-release went on to become a slow burning success after selling copies in Italy, France, Denmark, Sweden, U.S.A, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Norway with one copy even finding its way to a soldier stationed in war-torn Iraq [we kid you not!].

Amongst our favourite artists are; Spoon, Trash Can Sinatras, Wilco, Besnard Lakes, The Cure, GBV, Sparklehorse, The Shins and Arcade Fire.

All members have been in other bands and some still are! Sean was in THOUSAND YARD STARE [they had Top 40 hits and everything!], whilst Alex is in TURNCOAT. Jim currently plays for WINTERIA and Simon has been in many under achieving bands such as COLOURBURST, LUMINA and DURAN DURAN [only joking…I think].

VILLAREAL make lo-fi pop music with an emphasis on melancholy melodies and eternal sonic heartache!

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