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Devil To Pay by Abstrakt & Buzz

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Posted: 07 July 08

BUZZ - <<1986>> Buzz began MC’ing with local Brighton sound system King Tafari Love, going by the name Little Judah, he appeared alongside the Godfather, Silver, Youthman and various other artists. Moving on he embarked upon a two year apprenticeship with The Sound and played support shows for the likes of Burning Spear, Misty In Roots, Culture and many more big reggae artists. By the end of the apprenticeship Buzz been combining his Ragga flow with a Hip Hop flow and quicklydecided to make the full move into the world of Hip Hop. <<1989>> The world of house and rave had made it’s impact, Buzz never one to remain stagnated, took his Hip Hop skills and began applying them to new forms of music. He collaborated with dance producers Sonny and Mr Moses. It was an uncanny alliance that saw outstanding shows at the legendary Subterranea and Storm. Having worked its course the collaboration came to an end, however in 1991 Buzz united once again with Mr Moses, this time bringing on board DJ Misbehaviour, their sights set firmly on the UK Hip Hop scene. Several shows at the Jazz-Café started them firmly in the right direction, but despite being well received the alliance came to an untimely end. <<1995>> Now a veteran of the South Coast Hip Hop community Buzz was hosting MC for Brighton club nights Flavour, The Rub, Shake and many more besides. Playing alongside the likes of Rampage, The I’ll kids & Boogie Bunch. Yet despite all this he still felt he had not yet realised his niche in Hip Hop. Finally his hard work and experience found fruition in the form of his new creation, a Hip Hop outfit called Digi-Tek. Working alongside MC Junior Red he projected this new found image, finally crafting the skills and sounds of Digi-Tek. By 1999 the full crew was formulated and work began on the debut single. In 2003 they won the Brighton Music Award for best Unsigned artists and shortly after released their debut album “Keep Da World Guessing” which along with their UK wide shows met with critical acclaim. <<2006>> At present the Digi-Tek crew are on a well earned holiday, and getting down to their own individual projects. Buzz still mastering skills unknown in the Hip Hop world is working on his first solo album, following on from the success of his underground hit “Say Wot” (a bootleg of the Jam classic Start), the album is undoubtedly to be a future classic.
ABSTRAKT - DJ Abstrakt born in 1984 had a very musical upbringing constantly being introduced to new styles and forms. Abstrakt grew up on a love for heavy metal and it was all he would listen to for many years. As time went by he began to become intrigued by drum and bass. In its aggressive, fast, energetic nature it really hit home. Abstrakt has been mixing drum and bass for about 4 years and producing for over 2 years. Abstrakt listens to a wide variety of music and is hugely influenced by the many dnb artists including Roni Size, Andy C, FRICTION,, Hype, Calyx, Teebee....... Now with a strong demo finished which has raised a few eyebrows, sky is the limit!!

Now, with Buzz and Abstrakt working together they are creating a new and unique sound.... Watch this space!!!!

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