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Ebbenflow by Go Johnny Go

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Posted: 20 January 08

Go Johnny Go are a band on a roll, and in true gamblers’ spirit, the Brighton-based duo have no intention on stopping either. They have had a busy summer, playing numerous gigs around Brighton and London, and will be featuring at Camden’s Dublin Castle this October among their autumn schedule.

Their raw and unusual rock n’ roll sound has captivated audiences this year, mastering more of a roar than your average two-piece band. Singer/guitarist Oli “Citizen” Lane and singer/drummer Matt “The Corbs” Corbould have no other intention other than to rock and excite their audiences, following the trend that they set themselves when they formed - on a drunken trip to Las Vegas, and venturing into Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo territory. This summer, Go Johnny Go have not only been hard at work on the live circuit, but have also been writing and recording fresh, high-voltage material.

Tracks include Skive, a tale of everyman’s reluctance to partake in the rat race; Hey La, a haunting hunt for lost love, and Ebbenflow, a jangly jaunt and live favourite where Oli and Matt swap instrument duties. This electrifying band are not to be missed – dismiss them at your peril.

“They carry a smart echo of early rock & roll rebellion, as if he's about to flick the Vs at some daddyios by the second chorus” – John Earls, Teletext Planet Sound

“Raw and Unusual” - Musonet Brighton

“Go Johnny Go rock like beasts as if they were born straight into leather romper suits" - Brighton Source Magazine

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