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Hush Hush by Jetglo

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Posted: 05 August 08

Jetglo are a bunch of 3 cheeky little noise monkeys who despite making a right racket have songs with hooks so sharp you’d cut your fingers. Jetglo came together in 2007 when Andrew saw Lee playing drums on his front porch and after giving him a funny look and chucking a shoe at him went up and asked him if he was looking to join a band. Lee and Andrew went out for a few beers and decided they’d form the band. On the way home they fell over a tall drunk chap clutching a bass, after trying to have a go on his bass Lee said “Here, you looking for a band?” “Erm yeah I think so” said the bass player not too convinced. Sean was now the bass player of Jetglo. Jetglo hid away writing songs and making a racket until December last year when they turned up at the Pressure Point in Brighton demanding a gig and sped through a set of upbeat catchy pop songs and left the stage to rapturous applause. Jetglo fans have quoted the band as – “Like A Sledgehammer in the face” and – “Not boring like the other bands, they make me want to go out and kick some windows in”

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