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Reckless by Boypatient

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Posted: 20 January 08

Boypatient is growing up fast.
Born in Brighton, with a bloodline running through Belgium and beyond, we are carving a space for ourselves as a band that people will remember. we have been together for a little over a year, but in that time we've developed an intensity and honesty that is becoming our calling card. Our mixed blood reflects a complex sound: original and carefully crafted, mixing delicacy with intensity, intelligence with passion, and honesty with a strong DIY band ethic. whether taken from the surrounds or from further afield, there's enough out there to keep people wondering who we are. With new material recorded, recent supports to maps and the thermals, and memorable headline shows around town, we're building momentum and capturing the attention of newcomers. this isn't production line music with nothing to say, nothing to share and nothing to play; boypatient is a band that wants to engage, and there's enough out there to engage with.

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