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Cry Wolf by Guerrilla Audio

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Posted: 10 September 08

Formed early 2007, by the Shaved Monkey. Fresh out of the jungle and determined to find the best guitarist around - Chris Christopherson Moister. This outstandingly amazing duo hooked up with some silly twat munch who couldn't sing. This silly twat was rubbish, so, after a pure coincidental phone call from Super Dave Lee Roth Pengilly (formally of one of the Shaved Monkey's past bands), history was made. This trio, with the new, original, creative and extremely talented new vocalist, Dave, began to create an overwhelming sound. This mix of all the influences and styles, coupled with the total originality of the three new shipmates would become.... ....Guerrilla Audio. Next was to find a percussionist, not any percussionist, but someone who could really play. Auditions were to take place, some good drummers were heard, some not so good drummers were heard. You see, it's not all about how hard you hit 'em (drums that is - not drummers), it's about technique, style and passion. In steps Captain Chloroform, quite frankly one of the most talented percussionists in the country, oh actually, the WORLD. With a chequered past he'd rather forget (and probably has), and a strange love of all things medical, he joined to complete this world beating band. Long nights were spent swapping ideas, musical tastes and of course, groupies. These influences with such a wide range of genres, from Kate Bush (Chris) to Bryan Adams (the Shaved Monkey) from George Michael (Dave) to Boney M (Captain Chloroform) created a totally different sound, a sound that would last not just forever, but forever-ever and ever-ever. Now with a back catalogue the size of a Colombian shipment, Guerrilla Audio are ready to take on the world... ....and some!!!!!!!

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