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Golden Box by The Beautiful Word

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Posted: 27 September 08

The Beautiful Word are a quintet set for the top in the world of mystery pop. And why not
claim the throne of a genre they invented?
Born in Jan 2007 front girls Emily and Megan began singing harmonies for each other’s tunes
- and the tinkly pretty tiny songs hushed even the rowdiest of open mic's. They have since
grown into a big whack of beautiful sound with added punch from the noise boys - Nelson (guitar)
Scotty (bass) and Gruff (drums.) playing 56 gigs in their first year and with bookings this year
from Secret Garden festival and Rough Trade unsigned at The Coalition, they are certainly moving
up in their own little world.
Best known for their live shows, the gigs include colouring in
competitions, sweet/cake throwing, and ma-hoo-sive costumes. You couldn't find a happier bunch on
stage. The songs (All written by Emily Megan and Nelson) were nominated most original on BeatTheMix
this year with fun themes such as bungee jumping pensioners,imaginary friends, insects and men made of coconuts.
The smiles follow you home as these tunes tend to get stuck in your head.
Their debut album - 'Curvature of Words' was produced in their house and will be released on 18th
October at The Coalition.

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