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Progression by 129 Die! In Jet

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Posted: 15 October 08

Courtesy of Music Under Fire [dot] com -

"Nobody has died. No one needs confusion.
129 Die in Jet! capture the melodramatic G-spot with an emotional charge reminiscent of a fever during a lightning storm. Courtesy of Lambrou's uniquely lowered voice and the accented electric playing along with him, the sound can send a shiver or a shock down the spine. With a name based on Andy Warhol's series, Lambrou said, "We just found the simplicity and gut-wrenching of the whole series quite formidable. So in theory the songs are simple, and with a dark tone." Originally founded by Lambrou and Walters, all of 129 Die in Jets!'s recordings have been done by the pair so far with Lambrou picking up the bass and Walters adding the drums to their repertoire."

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