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Into The Night by The Adam Kidd Band

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Posted: 10 December 08

Adam Kidd has been playing music on the Brighton scene for over a decade, starting as a teenager in Rift and going on to play in Pornography, Kiyomori, Xam Xam and Mind Train. A versatile musician and prolific song-writer, The Adam Kidd Band originally formed to add substance to a set of spare songs Adam had been playing acoustically.

Over the past year they have become a regular fixture in venues across the city with a captivating live show and a set of catchy songs that confidently explore a diverse range of styles and influences to achieve a original sound.

The band have just completed their first three-track recording as a unit, you can listen to Into The Night here and two more tracks on the myspace page. With plans to record an album early next year watch out for plenty more in 2009!

Adam Kidd - vocals, guitar
Ben Kidd - drums
Aaron Neville - keyboards, vocals
Dragon - bass guitar
...with Ian Dell (Camelion) adding occasional percussion and backing vocals.

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