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Bad Habit (digital media re master ) by N-D-E

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Posted: 31 December 08


Formed in 2000.


Mad-Dog-Dj - (Richard Jones).

Formed Demented are Go with Mark Phillips in early 80's, After that went on to reform and play bass with The Phoney American Accents through the mid-80's. Many squat parties and festivals followed. 1986 saw the birth of 2000 Dirty Squatters, 15 years of convoy, squat, punk chaos as well as collaborations with the Mutoid Waste Company,Spiral Tribe and many other Theatre groups and Sound Systems.

The rest is history…

In the mid 90's started Dj'ing, and co-run Planet Music (a record shop) in Malaga, Spain with close friend and Dj, David Hopkins, bringing to the Costa del Sol and Andalucia the sounds of the Drum and Bass. During this time also presented Concrete Jungle, a weekly net radio show, on RaveFace.com with D-Funk and Tilla da Vinyl Killa, plus monthly slots on Marbella-based radio station Pulse Fm, pumping breaks ,DnB and 2-step, with live MC's to the Spanish masses. Then taking the show on the road under the Radio Disturbo Banner.

2000 saw the Millenium Party, a collaboration of Chronic Soundz, Radio Disturbo,Turbo Sound System and Dragon Festival founder Alex.
N-D-E was born.

2005 co-founded Elektek Recordings with D-Funk


2008 birth of Elektek TV.



Tilla Da Vinyl Killa - ( Ian Tilling ).

Started playing music in bands at an early age with a keen interest in production and technology. After leaving the north west to live in London, Dj Tilla started producing electronic music with his first release on Tiamatt records (Pleasure) under the name of Touch One in 1999. Taking an active part in the free party scene and also worked with Electrophonic lead to running the club night Wang (London 2000) with acts such as Baby Ford, Mark Broom, Keith Teniswood and the Drum Club. Now in Spain, he started a new partnership with Dj Mad-Dog evolved into N-D-E a diverse outfit who are producing some outstanding material that is being released through Elektekrecordings.com a new label with artists such as D-funk, Nicola and David Hopkins.


ETK002 NDE. 3 Track EP Sweat Box. Bad Habit. Terminator.

ETK004 NDE. 3 Track EP Welcome to the Future. Incredible Machine. Shapeshifter.

2009 Kicks off with new 4 track EP: A New Reason, out on Elektek mid January through Stylus Distribution.

Watch out for the live Dub Step, Breaks and DnB sets Rocking your Streets through 09.

Stay Tuned.....




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