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Sides to a Story by Dry Rise

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Posted: 11 February 09

In a UK music community currently dominated with music of the emo or indie persuasion, it’s nothing short of a breath of the freshest air to discover new bands that dare to be different.

Inspired by the Britrock/grunge movement of the mid to late 90's, along with post-hardcore, pop, and thrash metal, Dry Rise blend ballsy guitar with mammoth rock beats, icing the cake with planet sized chorus hooks; creating a sound that is both excitingly nostalgic, yet confidently contemporary.

The band’s self-released debut single, "The Big I Am" / "Shattered" (and much subsequent material), was recorded at Reading's Outhouse Studios with producer John Mitchell (Funeral For A Friend, Enter Shikari, Architects). The end result was a CD that prided itself on not belonging to the current norm in mainstream rock music; its bold guitar work and skyscraper melodies providing a refreshing alternative to... well, alternative.

Renowned american punksters Bowling for Soup voted the band into the final of a televised bands competition on Scuzz music channel, resulting in them winning a music video produced by Sky TV (aired each day on main playlists), a track on a Rock Sound magazine cover CD, and a lot of new fans.

Their catchy brand of rock/metal has earned them diverse support slots with bands such as Hell is for Heroes, InMe, Therapy?, X Is Loaded, Centiment (InMe members), and My Awesome Compilation. They have been included on a number of compilations, been on a skydiving competition promo DVD and have even been played on Virgin radio. More recently, top-selling fiction author Robert Rankin has featured the band in his latest novel, "The Da Da Di Da Da Code". The book features a free CD on the hardback edition, featuring the track "Sides to a Story". Dry Rise’s 2006 cover version of Kerbdog’s B-side “Dragging Through” also received high praise from a member of the very same band!

Dry Rise concern themselves not with image or the lamenting of broken High School romances, their musical manifesto merely stating a desire to rock.

Currently, the band are working on new material following the addition of a new drummer and expect to be road-testing new songs from April.

Also you can see Gazz Marlow of Dry Rise performing with Dave McPherson (InMe) on March 19th at Ocean Rooms.

"...came out of the box and kicked me right in the nuts!" - Bowling for Soup on DRY RISE

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